Insurance companies are withdrawing unemployment insurance in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak

Insurers are pulling unemployment insurance because of the coronavirus outbreak — and some are looking for ways not to pay if you get sick Insurance companies are withdrawing from the unemployment insurance market as the coronavirus spreads Income protection insurers plan to introduce coronavirus exclusions This means that new policyholders will not receive compensation if … Read more

Virgin Money withdraws 5% deposit from mortgages as first-time buyers face the risk of falling home prices

Virgin Money Withdraws 5% Deposit and Help Buy Mortgages Temporarily Due to ‘Market Conditions’ Amid Expectations of Lower Home Prices The lender removes 5% of the deposited mortgages, which are commonly used by first time buyers Home prices are expected to decline leaving them vulnerable to weak equity Some brokers say mortgages can be reduced … Read more

“Why did you lower our card limit?” John Lewis’ clients were outraged

Several longtime John Lewis credit card customers are disgruntled after being told their credit limit would be cut by up to 96%. By Sarah Davidson, Financial Mail On Sunday published: 4:51 PM EST, August 27, 2022 | Updated: 07:00 ET, August 30, 2022 Many longtime John Lewis credit card customers are exasperated after being told … Read more

Warning about the mortgage ‘time bomb’ of the largest ever increase in payments

Mortgage ‘time bomb’ warning as homeowners face biggest spike ever – with typical monthly interest payments doubling to £474 – an extra £2,851 per annum Expect the shock to rise after analyzing the numbers released by the Treasury Watch The Liberal Democrats found that a family with a £236,000 mortgage would pay an extra £2,581 … Read more

Will the costs of protection insurance increase due to the Corona virus?

I have a life and serious illness cap but I’ve heard these could be affected by the pandemic. I’m also concerned that my cover providers will include exceptions to my policies, especially now that there’s been an uptick in Covid-19 cases again and yet another lockdown. I am also worried that I will have to … Read more

Almost half of adults in the UK are considering taking out Income Protection Cover

New research finds that nearly half of people between the ages of 25 and 44 are considering taking out income protection insurance to protect their monthly income as a result of the Covid pandemic. While millions of people in the country have seen a decrease in the amount of money they take home due to … Read more