The average house in England now costs nearly nine times the usual salary

New figures reveal that home hunters need to spend nearly nine times their annual income to purchase a property. The average cost of a home sold in England is 8.7 times the average annual disposable household income. Meanwhile, in Wales and Scotland, the multipliers are lower at six and 5.5 respectively, according to the latest … Read more

Half of all first time buyers require a parental cash deposit

Half of all first-time buyers will climb the property ladder in the next three years solely because of the cash from their parents, according to figures from a leading real estate agent. The true extent of buyers’ financial difficulties was first revealed by Savills’ research. It found that 47 percent of all first home buyers … Read more

The enduring appeal of leather: from natural hues to vintage designs

Distressed or smooth skin, natural or dyed, promises a long-term relationship. As with household materials, they are among the most durable, versatile, and naturally beautiful. Better yet, it gets better with age so you know you’re buying something from an investment. The leather accents, in a rich brown, add vintage vibrancy and a luxurious touch … Read more